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Italy Wine Tours

Swati's pasion for travel mingled with gourmet cuisine and wine was the kick start for her to start the exclusive wine tours to Italy and France

Why go for an Italy Wine Trail?

Wine Tour
  • - Known as the 'Vineyards of the World.'
  • - Over 4000 years of wine cultivation
  • - Wine trade from the Roman Empire
  • - Renaissance
  • - Vines thrive across landforms - mountainous slopes, plains and rolling, lofty hills

Check out the Italy Wine Tours!

The exclusive Italy Wine Tour is not only to promote the magnificent array of Italy's Wines but also to showcase the regional food and the lesser known scenic towns of Italy. In an Italy Wine Trail you can discover the true essence of the country. If you are planning for awine tour in Italy, then Columbus Destination & Holidays is one of the best Italy wine tour organizers in India and world. This wine tour focuses on the three big B's of Italian wines.... Barolo wine, Barberesco wine and Brunello wine along with Chianti Classico and some Super Tuscans. It also features a lesser known but none the less beautiful Italian wines of Gattinara DOCG that can hold there own in midst of all the above famous names.

Apart from savoring the world renowned wines, an Italian Wine Tour traveler also gets to taste his way through the regional specialties as the tour makes it way through the regions of Piedmont, Tuscany and Lazio. Understanding the dietary requirements of an Indian wine tour traveler all the stops will feature authentic Italian vegetarian meals if demanded by the guests.

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The various dinners have been specially designed to fully appreciate the nuances of Italian wines. Therefore on one night the dinner may feature a vertical tasting of wines and on other days their will be a theme dinner featuring a specific grape. Lesser known wines like the Franciacorta and wines from the Maremma area of southern Tuscany will also be up for tasting.

The 13 day Italy Wine Tour includes sightseeing to the lesser known scenic vistas in Italy like the Lago Maggiore and Lago Orta , two beautiful lakes in Stresa, Siena, Barolo and of course to the marvelous cities of Pisa, Florence and Rome .

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